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Apollolift 3 Wheels Lithium-ion Battery Forklift with Heating Film 4400lbs Cap. 220" Lifting

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Apollolift 3 Wheels Lithium-ion Battery Forklift with Heating Film 4400lbs Cap. 220" Lifting
Lithium-ion Battery Forklift
  • Dual 4,500 Watt driving motor,10,000 Watt lifting motor
  • CURTIS driving and lifting controllers
  • Easy to operate and maneuver
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Full- AC system provides smooth operations and high performacne
  • Enhanced operator comfort and productivity

Forklift Driving



  • Overall Length: 122"
  • Overall width: 44.5''
  • Recommended Aisle Width: 130"
  • Turning Radius : 65"
  • Load center : 19.7"


  • Mast Height Lowered: 97''
  • Max.Lifting height: 220''
  • Mast Height Raised: 262''
  • Free Lifting height: 56''
  • Mast Tilt Angle(forward/backward): 3° /6 °


  • Thickness: 1.6"
  • Width: 4.7"
  • Length: 42"


  • Left and right reach distance: 4''


  • Travel Speed(laden/unladen): 8/8 mile/h
  • Lifting Speed(laden/unladen): 9.8/16.5 inch/s
  • Lowering Speed(laden/unladen):< 23.6 inch/s


Speed Mode

  • H: High speed
  • S: Standard speed
  • E: Economic speed

Driving Direction

  • N: Neutral status
  • ↑: Forward
  • ↓: Backward


  • 1: Full battery
  • 1/2: Half battery
  • 0: Empty battery
  • Working hour display
  • Current speed display

FAULTY CODE (if have problem, it will show the faulty code to help to find the cause quickly)


  • 6-8 hours service per charge with big power lithium battery capacity 48V/450AH.
  • Only 3 hours charging time.
  • Charger plugs into 3-phase industrial 220V power outlets.
  • Charge the truck once a month even it's not in use.


  • Gradeability(laden/unladen): 15%/20%
  • Comfortable seat with safety belt and handrail.
  • Excellent operator visibility.
  • Small turning radius makes for better loading, unloading and stacking in the confined warehouses.


  • Not explosion proof.
  • This truck is designed to be used on flat ground, avoiding uneven grounds with potholes or large ramp.
  • Temperature range of working environment below 50˚F˜104˚F