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Apollolift Fully Electric Mini Order Picker With Load Tray 200lbs. Capacity

Original price $11,397.00 - Original price $11,397.00
Original price
$11,397.00 - $11,397.00
Current price $11,397.00

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Apollolift Fully Electric Mini Order Picker With Load Tray 200lbs. Capacity


  • 500-watt drive motor, 2,200-watt lift motor.
  • Safety guard gives the biggest safety concern that the power will be cut off if the gate is open when lifting to 20'' height.
  • Dual foot pedals will detect if the operator has both feet properly positioned on the platform for safety aim.
  • Hand sensors ensure the operator has both hands on the controls for normal travel and lift functions.
  • Humanism design with flashing light.




Additional Info


  • Overall Length: 59"
  • Overall width: 29.5''
  • Recommended Aisle Width:68.9"
  • Turning Radius : 51.2"


  • Adjustable height:10.2''
  • Size:27.5''x19.7''


  • A high-powered solution for facilities and outlets
  • Idealy for handling high lift tasks, including stock picking, inspection, maintenance and installation.
  • Smart for light maintenance applications or picking tasks without a pallet.
  • 105 Ah rechargeable batteries free to maintian, built-in charger


    • Not explosion proof.
    • This truck is designed to be used on flat ground, avoiding uneven grounds with potholes or large ramp.
    • Temperature range of working environment below 50˚F˜104˚F
    • Fully charge battery before use to avoid damaging cells.
    • Charger plugs into standard 110V-120V outlets.
    • Charge the truck once a month even it's not in use.


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