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Kenco Slab Crab (Concrete Slab Lifter)

by Kenco
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$9,999.00 - $23,999.00
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Solid Construction for Removal of:

  • Bridge Decking
  • Sidewalk
  • Roadways

Slab Crabs are the solution for concrete slab removal. The NEW design of this concrete slab removal bucket features serrated teeth for the absolute toughest grip. They range in bucket widths from 36 to 54 inches. All standard models are manufactured to process slabs ranging from 4″ to 12″ thick and will fit 40,000 – 150,000 pound excavators. Certain standard models also of this concrete bucket for excavators offer larger openings for thicker slabs such as the Slab Crab 42" Wide Mouth that handles up to 16″ slabs and the 54″ Standard that handles up to 21″.



The process of using the slab removal bucket is quite simple. The existing concrete will need to be cut into smaller, more manageable pieces for concrete slab removal. The size of these pieces are limited only by the lifting ability of this concrete removal attachment as each bucket is built to withstand its unique weight class. At this point, the concrete slab demolition quickly becomes a one man job with this concrete bucket for excavator. Just slide the teeth under the pavement and tilt up. This action will cause the pavement to break off cleanly at the cut. The slab can then be lifted and placed directly onto the bed of a waiting truck or stacked out of the way. There is no debris cleanup and the subbase of the crab bucket doesn’t get damaged.

When the job requires slab removal, the Slab Crab is the superior choice!


"This project consisted of 7 bridges and removing approximately 1400 slabs. The Slab Crab worked great. We handled slabs ranging from 4’9” in width and 12’ long 13” thick. The U-shape in the back of the bucket works great for prying slabs that hadn’t been cut all the way thru. Also, the way it handled the large slabs was great. Once the slab was seated in the bucket, it didn’t move, slip or wobble. This also helped drastically in the production aspect. I was able to just grab the slab and keep things moving.
Really appreciate the great product. I wouldn’t want any other attachment for bridge demo." - Walsh Construction Group (Indiana)

 Slab Crab in Action:



"We use the Slab Crab 2 –3 times a week to assist with repair of city sidewalk and damaged driveways. The traditional method of a jackhammer was time consuming. It has allowed us to demolish concrete without hiring another crew. The Slab Crab allows you to increase your production time without increasing cost." - GMS Concrete (AZ)