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Kenco Wedgebolt Coupler (Hydraulic)

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  • Integrated lifting eye allows the operator a means to hook up a shackle to lift loads directly from the coupler without adding additional attachment weight
  • Reinforced frame combined with sleek engineered design provide increased lifting capacity
  • Triple tiered safety lock system provides a dependable positive locking to prevent accidental disengagement of the attachment
  • Large high pressure release cylinder performs reliably in the engagement and disengagement of attachments
  • Audible and visual warnings are displayed in the operator cab whenever wedge bar is disengaged
  • Can be used with attachments in the same weight class designed for manual couplers

Maintain digging power, eliminate pin-pounding and perform fast, effective attachment changes with this wedge lock coupler. Our quick coupler excavator attachments are available in both mechanical and hydraulic models.


Excavator quick coupler attachments are designed to dig based on a specific bucket curl or rotation. Pin grabbing quick couplers create a space between the end of the stick and the bucket. This space on the quick attach excavator bucket can be as much as 8 to 13 inches. This results in a loss of digging power by as much as 25%! The larger the machine, the greater the loss in breakout force without an excavator hydraulic quick coupler.


“Everytime I rolled my pin-grabber back, it would hit the curl cylinder. I removed my pin-grabber and put a WedgeBolt on the end of my Gehl 503Z. What a difference! It made it feel and act like a totally different machine. It gave me noticeably more digging power, plus it lightened up my front end.”

– Bobby Ramsey, Ramsey Excavating, Laughlintown, PA



With our mechanical models of this excavator bucket quick coupler, the operator simply removes two bolts and a wedge bar, switches attachments, and reinserts the bolts. No fuss. The Positive-Locking Action of this wedge lock coupler prevents movement of the attachments. The entire procedure takes less than five minutes.


Wedgebolt Coupler: