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XPOWER X-2700 Professional 3-Stage HEPA Air Scrubber

by XPower
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$812.00 - $812.00
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Designed with the unique needs of professional restoration, contractors, and other cleaning professionals, the XPOWER X-2700 3-Stage Professional HEPA filtered air purifier gives you maximum options with 5 speeds and 550 CFM airflow capacity. Advanced digital controls for speed settings, a timer function, and a PM2.5 air quality meter make it the most user-friendly, easy-to-set-up air scrubber on the market, and the timer makes off-hours operation a breeze. Suitable for a variety of applications in spaces where optimal indoor air quality and maximum air exchange rate are needed, the X-2700 is suited for all your job site/project needs. Capable of ducting inlet and exhaust points makes this unit easy to set up for Positive and Negative air applications. Developed to restore indoor air quality at a variety of job sites—the X-2700 with HEPA filter effectively removes contaminants, airborne particles, and sub-micron-sized dust with its advanced 3-stage filtration technology. The first stage of filtration is a washable Nylon Mesh Filter (NFS13) that traps larger matter and prolongs the life of the subsequent filters. The second stage of filtration is a high-capacity Pleated Media Filter (PF13) that traps smaller particulates and aids in preventing cross-contamination. The final stage of filtration is a thick HEPA Filter (HEPA65-33) that captures particulate matter as small as 0.3 microns with 99.97% Efficiency. An integrated indicator light illuminates when these filters need to be checked for airflow restrictions that might require cleaning or changing.


NFS13 – Washable Nylon Mesh Filter

PF13 – Pleated Media Filter

HEPA35-33 – 1.4 in. Thick HEPA Filter



- Commercial performance with a compact portable size perfect for all job sites

- Digital Control Panel for Timer Function, Filter light indicator, 5 Speed Settings

- Digital PM2.5 Air Quality sensor with built-in read out and light indicator

- Timer function for easy set and forget air purification; perfect to setup during off hours

- Powerful and energy efficient 1/2 HP external rotor induction motor

- Low 2.8 Amp draw with 550 CFM maximum airflow capacity

- 5-speed digital control panel for Powerful high-speed to an extremely quiet low-speed

- 3-stage filtration system including HEPA filters + washable easy maintenance nylon       filter and pleated media filter for extended HEPA filter life

- Stackable, lightweight, and compact design constructed of durable ABS plastic

- Filter change indicator light, tool-less filter changes

- Duct-able intake/exhaust mouth for Negative & Positive Air applications

- 13 ft. power cord

- ETL/CETL safety certified

- NFS13 – Washable Nylon Mesh Filter

- PF13 – Pleated Media Filter

- HEPA35-33 – 1.4 in. Thick HEPA Filter


Volts / Cycle 115V / 60 Hz
Motor 1/2 HP
Amp 2.8 A
Speeds 5 Speed
Rated Airflow 550 CFM
RPM 800/1400/2050/2650/2950
Unit Weight (lbs) 23.7 lbs
Unit Dimensions (L x W x H) 16.6" x 10.4" x 18.9"
Box Weight (lbs) 26.1 lbs
Box Dimensions (L x W x H) 18.7" x 12.4" x 21.0"
Cord Length 13 ft
Cord Dial 18 AWG
Housing ABS
Stackable Yes
Duct Sizes 6" x 11.9"
Safety Certifications ETL/CETL
Filter Change Light N/A
Warranty 1 Year Limited
UPC 848025053546



Click Here for XPOWER X-2700 Manual


Manufacturer's 1 Year Limited Warranty