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XPOWER XTREMEDRY® Mojave Complete DIY Pro-Drying System

by XPower
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Are you facing mold and odors caused by water damage in your facility? XPOWER’s XTREMEDRY® solution is a complete DIY commercial drying system that enables you to save big on water damage restoration costs and much more by using the same tools the professionals use. The XTREMEDRY® Mojave package has everything you need.  Read on to learn how simple it can be.

The trade secret used by water damage restoration contractors is to use LGR dehumidifiers to draw out deep moisture that could lead to problems like mold, odors, warping, and cosmetic damage. They then use commercial air movers to speed up evaporation, and HEPA air scrubbers to remove dust, mold spores, and other unhealthy particulates from the air. It’s a simple system that’s as easy as following basic instructions.

XTREMEDRY® Mojave provides you with the same tools so you can do it yourself. These are the exact same XPOWER products trusted by professionals, including an LGR dehumidifier, four low profile air movers, and a HEPA air scrubber, all tied together by a handy pulling cart to make storage and transportation fast and easy. With instructions on the cart, it couldn’t be simpler.

Don’t settle for half measures like mopping or box fans that could lead to mold and odors, and don’t overpay contractors when you can easily do it yourself. In just a few minutes, you can set up the entire system to draw out deep moisture with the LGR dehumidifier, evaporate it with the air movers, and clean the air with the air scrubber. With XTREMEDRY®, you have everything you need.

Use a professional solution like XTREMEDRY® for professional results without the headache.



A COMPLETE, COST-EFFECTIVE COMMERCIAL DRYING SOLUTION – Save big on restoration costs while preventing mold, odors, and water damage. By combining XPOWER commercial-grade tools with a proven method, you can get the same drying results as a 3rd party service provider. After just a few uses, XTREMEDRY® has already paid for itself.

COMMERCIAL DRYING WITH LGR TECHNOLOGY – XPOWER LGR dehumidifiers can handle the toughest of drying jobs. Capable of reducing relative humidity levels in a room down to 25% or lower, the XD-85L2 can remove the hidden moisture locked away inside of materials.

DRY LIKE A PRO USING THE 24/25/24 METHOD – Start the drying process within 24 hours, reduce relative humidity down to 25%, and dry for a minimum of 24 hours for professional results. We break it down into simple instructions.

PREVENT MOLD & MILDEW OUTBREAKS– Remove excess moisture from problem areas like bathrooms, kitchens, basements, garages, and HVAC systems where excess moisture can lead to mold, mildew, and odors.

CUSTOM XTREMEDRY® CART – The XTREMEDRY® Cart includes a carrying tray for measurement devices and other essential equipment. The front and back panel designs feature educational material that highlights key steps in achieving successful drying results.


Click Here for XTREMEDRY® Mojave Complete DIY Pro-Drying System Manual


Manufacturer's 1 Year Limited Warranty