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Apollolift Power Lift Fixed Stacker 3300lbs 118"Lifting

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Power Lift Fixed Stacker 3300lbs 118"Lifting


  • 1,500-watt lift motor.
  • Special chain steering system.
  • Easy operation for lifting and lowering.
  • Strong battery with 12V/120AH capacity and over charge design.
  • Adjustable forks & fix legs.

Additional Info


  • Overall Length:68.7"
  • Overall Width: 37.8''
  • Recommended Aisle Width:90"
  • Turning Radius: 56"
  • Mast Height Lowered: 82.7''
  • Mast Height Raised: 140.3''
  • Load Center: 15.7" 
  • Wheel Diameter : 7''/3.15''


  • Fork height, Lowered: 3.5''
  • Thickness: 2.3''
  • Width: 5.6''
  • Length: 42''
  • Adjustable fork width 11.8-36.6''


  • Foot pedal brake for safety and ramp usage.
  • Equipped with explosion-proof valve, against of sudden drop of forks and prevent operator from harm.
  • With hydraulic leveler control lifting and lowering, speed is adjustable.


  • Lifting speed(laden/unladen) : 2/3.2mph
  • Lowering speed(laden/unladen) : 3.9/3.5mph


  • Not explosion proof.
  • This stacker is designed to be used on flat ground, avoiding uneven grounds with potholes or large ramp.
  • Temperature range of working environment below 50˚F~104˚F.
  • Fully charge battery before use to avoid damaging cells.
  • Charger plugs into standard 110V-120V outlets.
  • Charge the truck once a month even it's not in use.


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