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Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter Pallet Positioner

Original price $12,000.00 - Original price $13,000.00
Original price
$12,000.00 - $13,000.00
Current price $12,000.00


Pallet Positioners improve the ease and ergonomics of pallet loading and unloading.  They improve productivity and worker efficiency by eliminating unproductive lifting, bending, stretching and walking while loading or unloading pallets.  Bishamon offers a wide range of automatic pallet positioners and operator-controlled positioners to suit most all most any pallet positioning application.  They make process of loading and unloading pallets much easier and more ergonomic.

EZ-Off Lifter® – Low Profile Pallet Positioner With Pallet Truck Accessibility

The Bishamon EZ-Off Lifter is exceptionally safe and easy to use. It features a rotating platform with a unique, patented feet-clear safety circuit that automatically stops the platform 9 inches above the floor to prevent foot injuries. It is also equipped with safety warning lights and an alarm that alerts the operator before it lowers from the intermediate safety stop.
The EZ-Off Lifter has a 40.5 in. diameter rotating disk that is supported by 32 precision ball bearings. Hydraulic lift and lowering is powered by an electric motor. It also features an integrated approach ramp that makes it easy for pallet trucks to access the platform.