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Bishamon Lift Pilot - Pallet Positioner

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Pallet Positioners improve the ease and ergonomics of pallet loading and unloading.  They improve productivity and worker efficiency by eliminating unproductive lifting, bending, stretching and walking while loading or unloading pallets.  Bishamon offers a wide range of automatic pallet positioners and operator-controlled positioners to suit most all most any pallet positioning application.  They make process of loading and unloading pallets much easier and more ergonomic.


Our Skid Lifts are rugged high-rise, fork style lifts that provide improved ergonomics and a functional ease of access for your workforce.
Our Pallet Trucks are easy to use and exceptionally durable. These premium pallet trucks have many features not found on most all competitive models and provide unsurpassed rollability.

Lift Pilot® – Pallet Positioner Floor Level Pallet & Skid Positioner

The Lift Pilot is unlike any other pallet positioner product in the industry. It is pallet truck accessible and offers totally unobstructed access with no ramps, bumps or obstructions. This compact, obstruction-free design makes pan lifts, “C” lifts, “E” lifts and all other roll-on lifts practically obsolete. The unique space-saving design, the smallest footprint in the industry, gives the operator full access to pallet sides and end for easy pallet loading or unloading, eliminating reach-over
The innovative design of the Lift Pilot incorporates several intelligent features including telescoping forks, pallet presence sensors and a patented, foot-clear, safety system. Operator has full access to pallet sides and end for easy pallet loading or unloading. Handles GMA pallets from the end and CHEP pallets from the end or side. Intelligent design and operator interface: Pallet presence sensors, Highly visible function lights at top of mast & Voice instructions. Designed to operate with the worker in mind. The Bishamon Lift Pilot is truly the next generation of smart ergonomic equipment