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Bishamon SkidLift Series - LV & LVE Skid Lift

Original price $2,300.00 - Original price $6,200.00
Original price
$2,300.00 - $6,200.00
Current price $2,300.00


Our Mobile Levelers allow workers to position work at the most comfortable convenient height for easy, strain-free access. With a wide range of capacities, lifting heights, platform sizes, and other options, including portability, turntables, tilt tops, and hand pallet truck accessibility there are literally millions of configurations of ergonomic lift tables available.

SkidLift™ – Mobile Handling Transporter For Skids And Open-Bottom Pallets

The Bishamon LV and LVE Skid Lifts are rugged, fork-style lifts that raise loads to a convenient working height. By offering easy mobility, these lifts reduce worker injury and improve productivity. They are available in eight models with both wide and narrow fork widths and two capacities to fit almost any application.
The biggest selling feature we have against our competition is our lower captured roller channel which provides increased stability and is much safer to use.

Skid lifts are made to handle heavy-duty, tough jobs. The frame and forks are made of heavy gauge steel and sturdy welds, while the lower captured roller channel delivers enhanced stability. Superior hydraulics with twin, heavy-duty lifting chains deliver a shorter lift stroke and reduce cylinder wear. The quality baked enamel finish protects the equipment from tough working conditions. Bishamon skid lifts will last for years with minimal maintenance.