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Kenco Bin Block Lift - 24 To 30 In

by Kenco
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The Kenco BLK6K24T30 Bin Block Lift has a 6,000 lb. capacity with a grip range of 24” to 30” and boasts a unique design that allows the lifter to fit perfectly over the keyway systems molded into precast concrete blocks. These blocks are known by a variety of names including bin block, mafia block, waste block, and ecology block.

Specifically designed for modular blocks known as:

  • Bin Blocks
  • Buttersticks (Texas)
  • Mafia Block
  • Quarry Block
  • Eco / Ecology Block
  • Lego Block
  • Waste Block

The cut-away portion of this Kenco bin block lifter straddles over the keyway to allow the lifter to rest flat. The operator simply sets the tongs of the BLK6K24T30 Kenco Bin Block Lifter down over the block. The legs automatically grip tightly as the block is raised. Once it is set into place, tension is released on the sling, and the concrete lifting device locks into the open position. It is now ready to repeat the cycle.

Also available in a 9,000 lb capacity for larger blocks.

Shipping Dimensions: 52" x 24" x 38"
Shipping Weight: 650 lb


  • Capacity: 6000 lb
  • Grip Range: 24 to 30 in
  • Designed to fit Bin Block

Supporting Documents

Product Manual

Spec Sheet

Info Sheet


"Would like to thank KENCO for the Block Lifter we purchased. Our job was productive and successful due to the outstanding Block Lifter. We safely erected and finished our project  to store salt for winter. The Block Lifter is well constructed and we encourage contractors to invest in all products built by KENCO." - City of St. Louis Streets


Bin Block Lifter:


“Our company OJ Industrial Maintenance work on the Suncor Base plant site up in Fort McMurray A.B. On some of our jobs we need to position and move these Lego block around, Where the lifting hook/cable on the block itself, is not approved or rated for more the 3 lifts, We need a product that can move these block multiple times. Your product does just that.” - OJ Industrial


The Kenco Barrier Lift

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