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Kenco Dozer Extreme Service Moldboard Rake

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Dozer Brush Rakes are designed for typical land clearing operations.

Kenco’s bulldozer root rakes for sale are available for your crawler dozer as either a Standard Moldboard, Extreme Service Moldboard, or a C-Frame Full Brush Rake. Each dozer root plow & ripper assists in the piling of brush and debris while leaving the soil or dirt behind, to permit clean burn operations. We manufacture other attachments for land clearing as well, available with custom options. Give us a call today and request a quote for this dozer root plow for sale. Check out also which Kenco lifting products work best for your job site.

Root rake attachments are useful for a wide variety of tasks:

  • Forestry operations involving bulldozers
  • Separating debris from dirt
  • Land clearing


The Kenco Extreme Service Clip-On Moldboard Rake is installed to the existing blade. The tines of the Extreme Moldboard extend to the entire height of the blade.  Each is built to your specific machine’s blade and retains the original function of the blade while gaining the ability to clear brush and debris efficiently. A brush guard is also available for dozer root rakes. Contact us for more information or to Request a Quote.



  • T-100 (A-514) steel tines


  • Multi-tine design with curved profile to promote brush collection
  • Increase machine utilization over manual labor
  • Optional brush guard
  • Extended tine height
  • Replaceable teeth
  • Each Extreme Service Moldboard Rake is built specific to your machine