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Kenco MG12000 Rocklift Grapple

by Kenco
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The MG12K24T60V4 Rocklift features three points of contact to safely lift irregularly shaped objects such as rock. Three curved arms extend down from the body to allow the lifter to grip securely. The heavier the object being lifted, the tighter the grip. The MG12000 has a 12,000-pound capacity and a 24" to 60" gripping diameter.

Looking for something a little smaller? Consider the MG3000 or MG6000 Rocklifts.

Shipping Dimensions: 115" x 48" x 52"
Shipping Weight: 1000 lb


  • Capacity: 12,000 lb
  • Grip Range: 24 to 60 in (diameter)
  • Height: 74.38 in

Supporting Documents

Product Manual

Spec Sheet

Kenco Rocklift

The Kenco Rocklift has three individual serrated tines that grip around large rocks, boulders, scrap or debris. The actuator is enclosed within the upper body of the lift and allows for each pick to occur without hydraulics. The action of relieving tension in the rigging locks and unlocks the actuator, allowing the tines to either lock open or unlock and grip as the operator lifts upward.

Never before has there been a safer and easier way to move large rocks than with the Kenco Rocklift. The Rocklift is a triple tine mechanical grapple that requires no hydraulics to operate. These rock lifting tongs are fully automatic and give the operator complete control to grip or release a load. The three serrated tines contacting the load on this boulder mover tool allow for a very stable lift cycle every time.



Once the operator lowers the rock into place, the stone grapple’s center tube can be lowered to engage the internally-housed actuator. Once this actuation occurs, the operator can begin lifting the Rocklift. As the tines become free, it will slide back to the default open position to allow for next lift cycle.



The Rocklift also excels at picking up brush and debris, especially in hard to reach places such as deep ditches or ravines. Rock lifting tongs are an extremely versatile attachment that allows contractors the ability to make easy work out of otherwise difficult task.


“We are rebuilding a stone retaining wall that failed along the side of a New York state highway. This rock pick has made our job go so much quicker that I can’t imagine doing it without it! It has been an integral piece of equipment on our job.” - Ticonderoga, NY


Rocklift Overview:


“We have been constructing a large rock wall and using your Rocklift gives us far more control placing these large rocks where we need them, making the process much faster and smoother. We have enjoyed using your equipment.” - Reale Construction


Kenco below the hook lifting products are designed, manufactured and tested in compliance with the latest revisions of the ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 standards and are accepted by OSHA, CanOSH, as well as virtually all other world wide standards. Patented under United States Patent No. 7673918B2.

All Kenco lifting products are hand tested by our engineering staff before they leave our facility.



"Kenco supplies the construction industry with a wide selection of attachments to make your machine more productive and profitable. Our attachments are built with strength and durability in mind. After 30 years, we still remain the worldwide leader in below the hook lifting solutions. After 30 years, all of our heavy lifting attachments are still made with pride in the USA.

Kenco products have been field-proven time and again by our customers through increased productivity and profits with our excavator attachments, wheel loader attachments, dozer products and backhoe attachments. Others may try to imitate our lifting devices, but no other model can compete with the strength and durability that we build into each of our products.

Find pipe tongs, c hook, scissor lifts, Slab Crabs, and much more. We also offer a wide range of digging, demolition, and material handling attachments for excavators."