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Bishamon Lo-Profile LX Series Lift Tables

Original price $4,750.00 - Original price $7,425.00
Original price
$4,750.00 - $7,425.00
Current price $4,750.00


Lift tables improve worker productivity and safety by positioning work at the most comfortable height for easy, strain-free access.  They eliminate unproductive lifting, bending, and stretching, ultimately leading to worker fatigue and injuries.  Bishamon offers a wide range of capacities, lifting heights, platform sizes, and options to suit almost any work positioning application

Lift Tables Electric-Hydraulic Scissor – LoProfile™ Series​

Bishamon’s LoProfile lifts are electro-hydraulic lift tables that offer heavy-duty lifting power and convenient low-profile functionality. These tables can handle capacities up to 4,400 lbs. and feature a variety of platform sizes and lift heights.
LoProfile tables can lift loads from a shallow elevation of 2.9 to 4.3. This works well with handling equipment that requires a low profile, such as pallet jacks and 4-wheeled carts. LoProfile tables are safe and durable. Every model features a full-perimeter, electric toe guard around the platform that ensures operator safety. They are built with heavy-duty construction and captured scissor rollers for enhanced stability.