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Kenco KL30000 Barrier Lift

by Kenco
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The KL30000 Barrier Lift has a 30,000 lb. capacity with a 6" to 12" grip range, handling up to 40 foot jersey barrier walls. Kenco Barrier Lifters pick up typical, single, and F-shape barrier walls. There's no need for auxiliary hydraulic hookups. Our patented wall lifting scissor action, along with our specially designed actuator, allows you to pick up and position the wall automatically. Placing the KL30000 onto a wall top locks the actuator closed, beginning the lifting process. The swiveling pad angles, along with our elastomer pads, adjust to match the slope of the wall and securely grab onto the concrete surface as it is raised and placed into position. Once the wall is set firmly back on the ground, tension is released, and the tongs open automatically. The KL30000 is one of the largest barrier lifters made.

The KL30000 is common for use in New York and Texas however can be used on any barrier wall or sound wall weighing under 15 ton. If the job requires more than a 15 ton capacity, consider the even larger KL40000.

Shipping Dimensions: 46" x 36" x 46"
Shipping Weight: 1200 lb


  • Capacity: 30,000 lb
  • Grip Range: 6 to 12 inch
  • Wall Length: 20 to 40 ft

Supporting Documents

Product Manual

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Info Sheet


“We have been using the KL12000 on I-80 in Lorain county Ohio to place the wall on the road. I am currently in our yard unloading since the season is coming to an end. I like the newer style where it is wider than the previous model. All in all, it think it’s a great product that’s super efficient to load and unload.” - The Shelly Company


How To Operate Barrier Lift:


Choosing the Correct Barrier Lift:


Alignment Legs for Barrier Lift:


"This barrier work was for a traffic realignment on a bridge construction project in Eagle River, AK. The barrier run was 9600’ for a total of 768 barriers, which we were able to set in 4 shifts thanks to the ol’ barrier lift. We primarily use the lift at the beginning and ends of our projects for setting barrier, but almost always in fairly long runs. The lift makes our job way easier and saves a substantial amount of time, not having to climb up and rig / spot every barrier on 70+ trucks. It also cuts down on the amount of time exposed to the risks involves with setting barrier. Big fan of this tool." - Anchorage, AK


The Kenco Barrier Lift

The Kenco Barrier Lift is the strongestsafest, and most-trusted barrier clamp in the industry. It is Kenco's flagship product and the number one choice of the heavy highway industry for unloading, installing, and moving concrete barrier wall. Several standard sizes are available for F-shape, single slope and low profile precast walls as well as specialty models for zipper wall, t-wall and more.


"Kenco supplies the construction industry with a wide selection of attachments to make your machine more productive and profitable. Our attachments are built with strength and durability in mind. After 30 years, we still remain the worldwide leader in below the hook lifting solutions. After 30 years, all of our heavy lifting attachments are still made with pride in the USA.

Kenco products have been field-proven time and again by our customers through increased productivity and profits with our excavator attachments, wheel loader attachments, dozer products and backhoe attachments. Others may try to imitate our lifting devices, but no other model can compete with the strength and durability that we build into each of our products.

Find pipe tongs, c hook, scissor lifts, Slab Crabs, and much more. We also offer a wide range of digging, demolition, and material handling attachments for excavators."